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Whether your need is developing staff, designing adapted curricula for all or to develop a deep understanding of the various exam boards’ requirements, we at Verilingual are available to help you maximise student achievement and improve your results at GCSE and A level.

Languages are a highly demanding academic subject area and recent changes have made the delivery of an accessible curriculum even harder for teachers. It is possible to find creative and engaging solutions (without putting more pressure on staff) and we truly believe that all students can be successful in learning a language if some basic criteria are fulfilled.



What does Mastery for Languages look like?


Language learning has much in common with Maths and Music. It stimulates the same parts of the brain and establishes connections in much the same way.


If we want to achieve mastery in a foreign language, we need therefore to completely rethink how we deliver our curricula in schools.


  • Mastery prioritises depth of learning over rote memorisation.

  • Mastery means giving students the tools to learn themselves.

  • Mastery is setting challenge - what is the rule? Can you work it out? Why are there exceptions?

  • Mastery is creative struggle leading to deep understanding.


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