GCSE Intensive Summer Course

Are you looking for a course that is fast-paced, filled with engaging content and activities which inspire creativity and develop mastery of French at GCSE level?

Join us in August for an intensive results’ focused event, suitable for all exam boards, which will help your son or daughter achieve their potential in Summer 2020 when they sit GCSE French.

We start the week with a thorough grammar assessment, which allows us to fully tailor the content of the course to the group’s needs and to pick up any specific areas for development for each of our students.

All content is focused on improving performance in the final exams. Every single activity they do relates to the Assessment Objectives they must master, in order to gain a top grade at GCSE.

Your son or daughter will be given explicit strategies, content and techniques to help them understand just what is required by their particular examination board and how they can quickly identify what is being tested in each paper and in each exercise, in order to gain a top grade.

Our Ethos

We believe in creative learning, encouraging all students to participate and have fun.

A safe learning environment (for all subjects, but particularly for languages), is crucial, and we work hard to make sure students feel safe and supported so that they are able to fully focus and develop their language. We have high standards, and we achieve these through challenge and rigour. We encourage deep learning to take place through appropriate questioning and developing our students’ thinking skills in and around the acquisition of language. This leads to Mastery.

Grammar is central to what we do, this is not learning by rote, but really understanding how a language is built, what its foundations are and how to use these in order to have fun and be creative. We want our students to initially take risks and we encourage and support them to do so!

Following the course, full, personalised feedback is given in written form to students and parents and recommendations are made to help your son/daughter continue to improve through the academic year 11.

We also offer one to one tutoring and will suggest this for students who we think might benefit.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

This 4-day course is for learners who have achieved a level 6 or above, in their end of year examinations in Year 10, but who are aiming for a level 8 or 9 in summer 2020. We cater for students from all major examination boards, including those sitting the IGCSE.


Day 1: Assessment and The Present Tense

Day 2: The Past Tense

Day 3: The Future and Conditional Tenses and Receptive Skills

Day 4: Bringing it all Together

Booking Information

Booking Information

The fee for this course is £300

Dates: 08:45 - 12:00 5th - 8th August

Please get in touch to reserve a spot or to receive a PDF copy of the entire course breakdown and agenda. For information on the trainers leading this course, please click here.

To contact us, please email us using the contact information below and quote 'Summer GCSE French Course'.



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