Private Tuition

We offer private tuition for students studying French at all levels.


We follow an approach which aims to develop confident, articulate students of language who have understood how the building blocks fit together in terms of grammar and content. This builds mastery and develops fluency in a deep way.


All students are assessed when they start, so that we know their areas of strength, weakness and where and how they need to develop.


For years 7-9 we focus on the National Curriculum, but we also have an eye on the skills needed for GCSE and ensure that we are developing these.  For this age group we also offer Common Entrance Tuition, including Scholarship preparation.


For years 10-11 we focus on preparing students for GCSE and beyond, giving a tailored curriculum which helps them develop the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). Grammar is fundamental, but we make it fun and relevant, firmly believing that it builds fluency and creativity in students at all levels.


Our A level tuition builds on the skills acquired at GCSE and where these are shaky, we provide scaffolding for students to develop them quickly, adding complexity and acquiring content so that they are able to express themselves in speaking and writing and can understand a wide range of listening and reading texts.


At all levels, our tuition is exam focused, and each element of each exam is studied so that students are confident about what is expected of them and what they must do to achieve it.

Our Ethos

We believe in creative learning, encouraging all students to participate and have fun.

A safe learning environment (for all subjects, but particularly for languages), is crucial, and we work hard to make sure students feel safe and supported so that they are able to fully focus and develop their language. We have high standards, and we achieve these through challenge and rigour. We encourage deep learning to take place through appropriate questioning and developing our students’ thinking skills in and around the acquisition of language. This leads to Mastery.

Grammar is central to what we do, this is not learning by rote, but really understanding how a language is built, what its foundations are and how to use these in order to have fun and be creative. We want our students to initially take risks and we encourage and support them to do so!

Booking Information

Booking Information

Private tuition is available currently available for French in for students in the Kent area.

Single lesson £50 per hour

We offer courses at a 5% discount on the individual lesson rate.


Course of tuition: 14 week Autumn Term: £665

                            14 week Spring Term: £665

                             5 week Summer Term: £237.50

To contact us, please email us using the contact information below and quote 'Private Tuition'.​


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