School Consultancy

In order to devise a tailor-made strategy for improvement within your school context, we visit your establishment and look at all areas of teaching and learning in languages across all year groups. We typically spend two days observing lessons, looking at your scheme of work and assessment strategies, interviewing the Head of Department and teachers and carrying out a full review of all resources.


Following the visit, time is then spent preparing a full SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, with advice on how to implement change with immediate effect to improve your languages provision and results.


A written report focussed on departmental strengths (and how to build on them), weaknesses (and how to address them), opportunities (and how to exploit them), threats (and how to manage them).

A skeleton Scheme of Work offered for your specific context

  • Grammar: tenses to be taught with specific structures to accompany them for each year group.

  • Content: which topics to be taught to reinforce grammar and deepen knowledge and understanding.

  • How to deliver an effective spiral curriculum through all year groups.

  • Assessments: how, when and what.

  • Exam Board requirements and how to include their Assessment Objectives into your teaching from year 1.


  • A scheme of assessments for all years with timings and advice on how to mark.

  • A focus on feedback - how to be specific, positive and focussed in our feedback.

  • Peer assessment - how to use it effectively.

Lesson Planning

Here we focus not on individual lessons, but more on principles underpinning the delivery of effective lessons within a classroom context. We'd be happy to undertake some team-teaching to demonstrate how we deliver languages and also coaching to help staff improve student engagement if that is an issue for you.

  • Making grammar interactive

  • What is mastery in the languages classroom and how do we achieve it?

  • Deepening understanding, not acceleration.

Everything Else

  • A review of what is already in place

  • Recommendations for resourcing

  • The case for not setting (depending on your context)

  • Any questions you raise in the course of the site visit.

Finally, we walk through the plan with you, discussing an implementation strategy, team-teaching some lessons with you and your staff and provide coaching if required. A follow-up service is available either remotely or on-site depending on the frequency you require. 


For pricing and availability or if you would like to discuss how Verilingual can do for your school, please feel free to get in touch.


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